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viper jet engine for sale

We advise you to put a note in the returned package that includes the following details:. This note will help expedite our processing time. If you have have difficulties in sending the item back, such as a high shipping fee, your country forbids sending batteries out or other problems, you are very welcome to discuss this with our customer service or salesman and come to an agreement on the solution.In the early s, the company saw a space in the aviation market for its air-cooled flat-six engine.

Mooney, an aircraft maker that focused on high-performance models, expressed interest and installed the powerplant in a variant of its M20 model. Generally, propeller-powered planes have separate controls for adjusting the throttle, engine fuel mixture, and propeller's pitch. One of the interesting aspects about the Porsche powerplant in the M20L is that there's just one lever that handles all of this.

It means there's less for the pilot to need to think about while in the air. This one is customized with what appear to be Porsche seats. They have white leather upholstery and the brand's crest on the headrests.

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Mooney made just 41 examples of the M20L. The company produced 40 of them in and just one in The PFM project was shortlived, and Porsche shut it down in This caused problems for M20L owners because the company also stopped producing replacement parts for the engine. The FAA has very specific requirements for keeping a plane airworthy, and people with this aircraft weren't able to maintain them. There was even a lawsuit over the issue.

The owner of this M20L indicates that it still has the Porsche engine and is hours since a major overhaul. Generally, a prop-driven plane needs an overhaul about every 2, hours, so the buyer can spend some time in the air before tackling the issue of needing to figure out how to maintain it. Source: Facebook MarketplaceCourthouse News. The first production car to achieve a top speed over miles per hour was the Ferrari F40 back in Like every Ferrariit exceeded expectations by going mph.

Since the F40 broke through, dozens more production cars have followed it, and so reaching mph has become considerably more accessible in the decades since. The price of entry is now below six figures for a new car capable of this feat.

The used car market, though, offers an even more affordable way to break the mph barrier. That's right, you can buy a mph car today for less than the cost of a new Toyota Camry. Our pricing research was conducted using KBB. The Aston Martin V12 Vanquish is the oldest vehicle on our list, but it's perhaps the most beautiful in terms of design.

The grand touring car features a naturally aspirated 5.

Rolls Royce Viper 535 Jet engine. Hot streak test

While nothing to sneeze at, the V12 Vanquish's power levels are among the lowest in this group. It's remarkable such a vehicle could reach miles per hour back in the early '00s.

KBB doesn't offer used car market values for the original V12 Vanquish, so we can only go by the actual prices of models currently on the market.

viper jet engine for sale

As such, its twin-turbocharged W12 engine makes 48 horsepower and 74 pound-feet of torque more than the standard car's engine, for a grand total of hp and lb-ft of torque.

Those impressive power figures help get the car to a manufacturer-claimed miles per hour.Yes, you can really buy this Pesonal ViperJet.

Be the first to fly this executive Viper Jet. Viper Jet is a small jet aircraft by Viper Aircraft Corporation. It is a conventional, lowwing with swept wings and tail and two seats in tandem. The jet intakes are located at the sides of the fuselage and the tricycle undecarriage is retractable.

General Electric JB5. Service Ceiling 35, Rate of Climb Feet per minute. Although you can build to suit, this aircraft has a 12 inch beautiful glass display. Garmin AP. Call for more detail. Fantastic Blue and white paint job that looks awesome.

Buy This Sweet Plane Powered By A Porsche 911 Engine

Grey Leather seats that are stylish and comfortable. It is up to you as the purchaser to conduct your due diligence. Unless given to you in writing by the seller, no warranties are implied or given. Aircraft or parts may be withdrawn from sale at any time. If the price does not contain the notation that it is the total price, the price may or may not include costs such as Stamp Duty, Transfer fees, GST and other State or Federal charges.

Please confirm price, fees, charges and features with the seller of the Aircraft or Part. Please fill in the form below to get in contact with the seller. Avionics Although you can build to suit, this aircraft has a 12 inch beautiful glass display. Exterior Fantastic Blue and white paint job that looks awesome.

Click on the video below to watch. Contact Seller. USA Aircraft Brokers. Send Message. All rights reserved.It was designed with an oversize compressor, surplus air was bled off and used to drive the air starter motor on many types of aircraft. Please note I have a number of these units for sale, consequently the pictures shown are probably not the actual engine for sale but they are all very similar. It is small, compact and perfect as a ground running project.

There is quite a lot of information on the internet on removing the free power turbine and converting these units to provide thrust power. This is the military version of the Spey series and was used in the now decommissioned Nimrod MR2 aircraft. These engines are in fantastic condition, some with only a few hundred hours use. They sit in a phenomenally well engineered transport frame which makes moving them quite easy.

There’s A 400 hp, 8 Litre Dodge Viper V10 Engine For Sale On eBay

The wheels of the frame retract allowing the frame to sit on rubber mounted skids. Each engine also comes with a MVP bag. We probably have the largest privately owned collection of Rolls Royce Gem engines available anywhere. These engines powered the famous Lynx helicopters.

All engines can be seen running on our custom built test frame. We can also custom build Gem engine stands, fuel tanks, starters and control panels and have a full range of instruments available. We have just taken delivery of what again can be described as probably the largest private collection of Microturbo Saphir engines available.

These engines were used as the air producer to start the main engines in both the Jaguar and Hawk aircrafts. After months of painstaking, head-scratching, chin-rubbing development work we have managed to convert the air producer into a fantastic little thrust producing engine. Everything has to be added to run the engine which is why there is such a price variance. A fantastic opportunity to acquire a genuine piece of aviation history. These engines produced the compressed air to start the Rolls Royce Spey engines and are absolutely ideal as a ground running hobby engine.

Part Number: C We have several of these in stock. Product Name. Please enter the characters you see in the image below.More Engines Available - Please contact us If you don't see what you need! Our purchasing department is daily in contact with sellers of aircraft and engines and may have just what you need in a prospective purchase. It may be of mutual benefit to contact us. You could purchase your engine s for an excellent price while we build our inventory of quality, affordable parts!

One of the most important and valuable parts of your aircraft is the engine. Dodson International has an unmatched inventory of jet, turbine and piston engines, as well as engine parts In-stock and ready to ship! While we offer many engines complete, we also professionally dismantle many engines to augment our numerous purchases of new and used inventory.

We maintain trace and all log data on components and engines and parts. Parts are documented and properly preserved in climate controlled warehouse. We have all types of items to meet your needs at prices you can afford.

All Rights Reserved. Email Us Now! About Us Contact Us. Continental Engine. General Electric Engine.What we need is something a little bigger. After scouring the ends of the earth I managed to find the perfect solution — a Rolls Royce Viper turbojet engine. The Viper I have found is in quite good condition, although there is slight superficial corrosion on the exhaust and forward compressor blades.

It was built in and was used in a Strikemaster jet below. This is the military version of the Jet Provost. The project has hit a stumbling block…. My initial plan was to try and adapt a starter motor from a Viper series to work on this engine.

The main problem was that this motor is designed to fit on the front end of the engine and not onto a gearbox and therfore turns in the wrong direction. Problem……the motor does not spin the engine up fast enough and uses excessive amounts of current such that the brushes and commutator are overheating and melting. The other mistake contributing to the problem was that I removed the epicyclic gears from the motor to fit the new shaft.

This causes to much resistance for the motor.

HSDJets Super Viper V4 -ARF

You live and learn. Back to the drawing board. Trying to find the original starter-generator at an affordable price has proved nigh-on impossible so plan B is to find a suitable starter motor thats turns in the correct direction and try again. Watch this space. I think that I may have finally cracked the starter motor problem I have had with the Viper. Sometimes patience pays off….

viper jet engine for sale

Iam not sure what engine it originally came from, probably a US military jet of some sort. You can see the original motor as received. It is designed to lock into the gearbox of the engine with the castlleated flange and then secured with a v-clamp. The motor has a clutch so therefore we will need to make up a dog drive shaft for this to bite onto excuse the pun!

I decided to take the motor to Andrew at Cross Engineering in Swansea to see what he could come up with. After a bit of head scratching Andrew and the boys came up with this modification to the end of the motor and constructed a neat little dog drive to fit into the splined shaft of the gearbox- fantastic job!

Having mounted up the starter motor the next challenge was the soft-start system…. Even with this arrangement the motor still managed to break the dog-drive shaft, bugger!! After a quick weld fix to the shaft everything is back in place for plan B.

The motor hardly breaks a sweat and there are no hot cables like my previous experiences. All we have to do now is to get the engine ready for an attempt at starting!!

I built the control box for this engine some months ago and have adapted it to use with the Walter M The basic instrumentation includes a percent RPM gauge, an oil pressure gauge measuring up to psi and a Newport digital thermocouple meter for the EGT. The oil pressure sender on the engine has been replaced with a standard electric car sender to simplify the wiring. We also have switches for the ignition exciter, primer solenoid and LP fuel pump.

Today was the big day that I finally broke the curse of my Viper and finally started it up for the first time! I have to say that the starter motor and PWM controller worked flawlessly. The second run was almost perfect and boy what a noise! You must be logged in to post a comment. Below you can see the exhaust and the turbine rotor disc.

Interesting facts and figures regarding the Viper Type……. Turbo-jet Arrangement…….Pre-Buy Inspections A small investment now could save major expenses later! Contact Tim Glover for more information.

CD with Free software. When it comes to aviation insurance, we take our business very seriously. Real Estate. Top of Page. Aircraft for sale.

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Go Back to All Listing. Exterior Images. Panel Images. Yes, you can really buy this Pesonal ViperJet.

viper jet engine for sale

Be the first to fly this executive Viper Jet. Viper Jet is a small jet aircraft by Viper Aircraft Corporation. It is a conventional, lowwing with swept wings and tail and two seats in tandem. The jet intakes are located at the sides of the fuselage and the tricycle undecarriage is retractable. Airframe Details:.

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Carbon Fiber construction of entire aircraft. Complete solid carbon fiber wing spar. Wing tips are e glass. Horizontal empennage and also one piece wing can be removed for transportation. Fully Aerobatic.


Engine s Details:. General Electric JB5. Service Ceiling 35, Rate of Climb Feet per minute. Although you can build to suit, this aircraft has a 12 inch beautiful glass display. Garmin AP. Call for more detail. Fantastic Blue and white paint job that looks awesome.

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Grey Leather seats that are stylish and comfortable. Addition Features, Equipment or Comments:. K usaaircraft. Are you interested in this aircraft? Get connected with the broker.

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